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{{#invoke: Sidebar | collapsible }} In theoretical physics, an M2-brane, is a spatially extended mathematical object that appears in string theory and in related theories (e.g. M-theory, F-theory). In particular, it is a solution of eleven-dimensional supergravity which possesses a three-dimensional world volume.


The M2-brane solution can be found[1] by requiring symmetry of the solution and solving the supergravity equations of motion with the p-brane ansatz. The solution is given by a metric and three-form gauge field which, in isotropic coordinates, can be written as

where is the flat-space metric and the distinction has been made between world volume and transverse coordinates. The constant is proportional to the charge of the brane which is given by the integral of over the boundary of the transverse space of the brane.[2]

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