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Master of Mathematical Science

  • multiple linear regression
  • Markov chains
  • queueing processes (exponential, poisson)
  • multivariate calculus
    • partial derivatives
    • double- and triple-integrals
    • div, grad & curl
  • Fourier analysis
  • parametric estimation using Maximum Likelihood (MAB414)
  • Inner Products: Gram-Schmidt Process and QR-Decomposition (MAB312)
  • Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors
  • Bayesian inference (MAB524)
  • Simulation techniques in S-Plus
  • generalized linear models (GLM)
  • Exponential smoothing, seasonal ARIMA models; long-range dependence and fractional ARIMA models (MAN526)
  • hidden Markov models and inference (MAN766)
  • ARCH models and inference

Equations and other miscellany


Lorentz factor

Anyone who claims to have produced "perfect" software obviously fails to understand the fundamental laws of the universe. Achieving zero bugs is akin to accelerating to the speed of light, since both are governed by the Lorentz factor: where B = the number of bugs in a program and F = the number that you fix before you consider the project "finished" \\ This equation implies that it takes 2.3 times longer to fix 90% of the bugs, than if you hadn't fixed any bugs at all. However, it takes 7 times longer to fix 99% of the bugs, and if you want five nines (99.999%) quality then it will take 224 times longer (a one week estimate suddenly turns into 4 years).

Mercedes Cortez

Mercedes Cortez

Mercedes Cortez is Juan's wayward daughter. She is initially set up as a possible love interest for Tommy Vercetti, but this plotline is never explored. Tommy is first introduced to her during a party aboard the Colonel's yacht. Afterwards, she asks Tommy to give her a ride to the Pole Position strip club. On another occasion, she parties with the band Love Fist. Later in the game, she becomes involved in the porn film industry, co-starring with Candy Suxxx in a film directed by Steve Scott and produced by Vercetti.

Mercedes Cortez was voiced by Fairuza Balk




The Petrea is an evergreen flowering vine.

Known species include:


Not sure where got the reference (LeBillon, 1999) from - his Ph.D. thesis? I think we need a better reference to the works of Dr Philippe Le Billon ...perhaps his recent book.

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