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Today I am sharing a dark experience with we as I am out of this darkness today. Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed was the disaster that struck on me early this morning. My blood flow appeared to stop for a few minutes. Then I regained my senses plus decided to fix Chrome crash.

Registry is not equally significant to quick computer boot up, and important to the performance of the computer. If you have a registry error, you will face blue screen, freezing or even crash. It's necessary to regularly clean up the invalid, lost, junk registry keys to keep the computer healthy and running quick.

Over time your disk may also receive fragmented. Fragmentation causes a computer to slow down considering it takes windows much longer to obtain a files place. Fortunately, your PC has a built inside disk defragmenter. You can run this system by clicking "Start" - "All Programs" - "Accessories" - "System Tools" - "Disk Defragmenter". You might now have the choice to choose which forces or partition you want to defragment. This action might take you several time thus it is very advised to do this on a regular basis so because to avoid further fragmentation plus to speed up the windows XP computer.

Handling intermittent errors - when there is a content to the effect that "memory or difficult disk is malfunctioning", you could put inside hot hardware to replace the faulty part till the actual issue is found out. There are h/w diagnostic programs to identify the faulty portions.

Google Chrome crashes on Windows 7 when the registry entries are improperly modified. Missing registry keys or registry keys with wrong values could lead to runtime errors plus thereby the problem happens. We are suggested to scan the whole system registry and review the result. Attempt the registry repair procedure using third-party pc tools registry mechanic software.

The initially thing you need to do is to reinstall any program that shows the error. It's typical for countless computers to have specific programs that require this DLL to show the error when we try and load it up. If you see a certain system show the error, we must initially uninstall which system, restart the PC and then resinstall the system again. This should replace the damaged ac1st16.dll file plus remedy the error.

The System File Checker (SFC) will assist in resolving error 1721 because it, by its nature, scans the program files for corruption and replaces them with their original versions. This needs we to have the Windows Installation DVD ROM for continuing.

Before we buy a complete new system; it happens to be time to receive the old one cleaned up so you can begin getting more performed online today! Visit our site below plus access the many reputable registry cleaner software available.