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This is a preview for the new MathML rendering mode (with SVG fallback), which is availble in production for registered users.

If you would like use the MathML rendering mode, you need a wikipedia user account that can be registered here [[1]]

  • Only registered users will be able to execute this rendering mode.
  • Note: you need not enter a email address (nor any other private information). Please do not use a password that you use elsewhere.

Registered users will be able to choose between the following three rendering modes:


Follow this link to change your Math rendering settings. You can also add a Custom CSS to force the MathML/SVG rendering or select different font families. See these examples.


Here are some demos:

Test pages

To test the MathML, PNG, and source rendering modes, please go to one of the following test pages:

Bug reporting

If you find any bugs, please report them at Bugzilla, or write an email to math_bugs (at) ckurs (dot) de .