Quantized state systems method

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The quantized state systems (QSS) methods [CK06] are a family of numerical integration solvers based on the idea of state quantization.

First-order QSS method – QSS1

Let an initial value problem be specified as follows.

QSS1 approximates the above system by

where and are related by histeretic quantization functions.

High-order QSS method – QSS2 and QSS3

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Backward QSS method – BQSS

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Linearly implicit QSS method – LIQSS

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Theoretical properties

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Software implementation

The QSS Methods can be implemented as a discrete event system and simulated in any DEVS simulator.

QSS methods constitute the main numerical solver for PowerDEVS[BK011] software. They have also been implemented in as a stand alone version


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