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The mommy kitty looked at me from inside the cage at the local animal shelter as if she were asking, "What did I do wrong?"
Poor kitty! You did nothing wrong. This world is simply cruel, especially to homeless cats that have the misfortune of giving birth to kittens.

I managed to trap two feral cats, both of which had kittens. Total: 2 adult female cats and 11 kittens. They would have been food for coyotes, and their numbers could have run into the hundreds if more females had survived long enough to reproduce.

But these cats did nothing wrong. Their only crime was being born without humans to love them, care for them and get them spayed.
I was feeding them in an attempt to catch them, but I failed on every attempt to lure them into the cage with food. The kittens, on the other paw, proved to be a sufficient lure.

The first mommy cat went nuts after I shut the door, trapping her inside the cage with her kittens, and she never calmed down. She will probably be euthanized as unadoptable. The second mommy cat was tame enough for me to pick her up and put her inside the cage with her kittens, but she faces a similar fate.

Most on the spot trans 7 kecelakaan terbesar di dunia people adopt kittens, not adult cats.
And how are they going to find homes for 11 kittens? They try their best, but that is a big order.
Those kitties did nothing wrong! I feel so bad!
My own cats, all spayed and neutered, cuddled with me all night. I still feel so bad! I wish that I could adopt every homeless cat, but I can't.

Cruel world!
MaryannStutchbu (talk)

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