Lagrange reversion theorem

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This page is about Lagrange reversion. For inversion, see Lagrange inversion theorem.

In mathematics, the Lagrange reversion theorem gives series or formal power series expansions of certain implicitly defined functions; indeed, of compositions with such functions.

Let v be a function of x and y in terms of another function f such that

Then for any function g,

for small y. If g is the identity

In 1770, Joseph Louis Lagrange (1736–1813) published his power series solution of the implicit equation for v mentioned above. However, his solution used cumbersome series expansions of logarithms.[1][2] In 1780, Pierre-Simon Laplace (1749–1827) published a simpler proof of the theorem, which was based on relations between partial derivatives with respect to the variable x and the parameter y.[3][4][5] Charles Hermite (1822–1901) presented the most straightforward proof of the theorem by using contour integration.[6][7][8]

Lagrange's reversion theorem is used to obtain numerical solutions to Kepler's equation.

Simple proof

We start by writing:

Writing the delta-function as an integral we have:

The integral over k then gives and we have:

Rearranging the sum and cancelling then gives the result:


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