List of permanent Ambisonic playback systems

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Template:Incomplete {{#invoke:main|main}} This page contains a list of permanent Ambisonic playback systems and/or production facilities.

Name Location speakers # Layout max. since
Espace de projection IRCAM, Paris, France unknown 339 75 evenly spaced speakers in cubical dome with 2D WFS band around the audience at ear height unknown 2012
Allosphere UCSB unknown 32 unknown unknown 2009
György-Ligeti-Saal KUG Graz Kling & Freitag CA 1001 29 elliptical dome with speakers on motorized pantographs, four additional speakers in the corners not used for Ambisonic playback, additional subwoofers if required unknown 2009
Cube IEM, Graz, Austria Tannoy 1200 24 12-8-4 hemisphere with slight horizontal irregularities to include n.1 layouts 4 unknown
Listening Room CCRMA, Stanford (CA), USA Mackie HR 824 22 1-6-8-6-1 full sphere with grid floor 3 2010
Listening Room Blue Ripple Sound, London, UK Genelec 8020/7060 22 Irregular periphonic 21.1 layout N/A 2013