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Template:Infobox scientist Rodion Osievich Kuzmin (Russian: Родион Осиевич Кузьмин{{#invoke:Category handler|main}}, Nov. 9, 1891, Riabye village in the Haradok district – March 23, 1949, Leningrad) was a Russian mathematician, known for his works in number theory and analysis.[1] His name is sometimes transliterated as Kusmin.

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is its continued fraction expansion, find a bound for
Gauss showed that Δn tends to zero as n goes to infinity, however, he was unable to give an explicit bound. Kuzmin showed that
where C,α > 0 are numerical constants. In 1929, the bound was improved to C 0.7n by Paul Lévy.
is transcendental. See Gelfond–Schneider theorem for later developments.


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