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This article covers telecommunications in Brunei. Internet access is limited and expensive though telephone service is good.



Telephone service throughout Brunei is excellent. International service is good to Europe, US, and East Asia



  • Broadcast stations: 4 (including 2 UHF stations broadcasting a subscription service) (2006)


Broadband access

Brunei's internet service is monopolized by a recently incorporated company TelBru under their "Brunet" department. ADSL speeds range from 512 kbit/s to the maximum speed of 1 Mbit/s through ADSL broadband. 1 Mbit/s was only recently introduced in 2006 and priced at BND$128 per month (Equivalent to Singapore currency). It is known that the Brunei's broadband ranging from 512 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s is one the most expensive in the world. The limited market in Brunei means that development in the telecommunications sector is stagnant. Currently only about 11000 users out of a population of 380,000 have any connection to the Internet. More and moreTemplate:Quantify users are subscribing to 3G Mobile services. Broadband coverage has spanned the whole of Brunei since the release of "E-Speed 2".

Currently as of 2012, TelBru is deploying its high speed FTTH network capable of 100Mbit/s through a contract awarded to HuaWei. It aims to provide FTTH coverage to around 87% of the population by 2017.

Deployment of 4G LTE Internet is scheduled for the year 2013.[1]

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