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The template produces asterisks in formatted for usage in a wikitable. It is part of a series.


{{element cell-asterisk|1}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|2}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|3}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|4}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|5}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|2|style=background:yellow;}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|2|align=left}} 1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|2|align=right|prefix=Prefx|suffix=Suffx}} Prefx1 asteriskSuffx
{{element cell-asterisk|1 right|align=right|prefix=Prefx}} Prefx1 asterisk
{{element cell-asterisk|3|link=Main Page}} 1 asterisk


Parameters are optional.

{{element cell-asterisk
| size  = 
| align = 
| style = 
| prefix= 
| suffix= 
| link  = 
Number (1 to 5 asterisks; 1r and 1l, or 1 right and 1 left, re-align the single asterisk)
Asterisks width in px (12px=compact cells; 16px default, 20px=large cells)
Horizontal alignment: left, right, center. Plus 0.5em padding there. Default=center. See also "1 right".
Any css style settings. Do not add "" quotes
Text prefixed to the asterisks. Can use <br>
Text suffixed to the asterisks. Can use <br>
Links the image

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