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I'm registered since 2004-07-31. I've been in and out, generally for months in a row, ever since. So don't be surprised if I'm either here for a while, or gone for long.

I am was am an admin since 2005-10-07. I assure you that I will always use my powers in good faith, trying to follow Wikipedia's Policies and Guidelines. Yet I don't know them all, plus my understanding of them may be different from your's. So... if you disagree with any of my actions tell me so, politely please.

On 2012-01-08, I voluntarily resigned from admin, mainly for disagreeing with WP becoming a political party. Soon after, tired of the incredibly aggressive environment - including me becoming increasingly more aggressive than my usual self - I stopped editing. Late in 2012 I found myself to be back editing regularly, even if only a handful of edits per day. Christmas made me want to engage a bit further, ao I asked to be readmited as and admin on 2013-01-15, and it was granted soon after, on the 15th.

In the path of glory,[1] The Future's So Bright,I Gotta Wear Shades[2]

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Cogito ergo sum


Template:SisterWant to know why here is a poor link word? Read it here! Good, now that you are... here, I'll tell you why: because 'here' says nothing about the page where your reader will land on (unless he lands... here!); assuming the page is not here - and it never is - then the text is 'there', there is not here (so you actually lied to your reader, how nasty is that?). Please, use meaningful link words, don't be lazy, help your reader.


IMO it is within the WP:SPIRIT of many WP:PGs - namely WP:CIV, WP:BITE, WP:POINT, WP:EQ, amonst others - that using more than 2 WP:SCs per sentence should be a WP:BLOCK-on-sight offence.

At the moment of writing this WP:BABBLE did not exist; Wikipedia:Shortcut's are piped so that I do not block myself on sight!


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I don't have much to license. I would use cc-by-nc-sa 3.0. But well... anything that allows other to expand, copy, or delete whatever I wrote is acceptable. Images, I'll upload none. Once I uploaded some images. The copyright notice I used, was later on changed, and re-changed. I doubt random users, or a lot of users, or the WMF have the right to change the copyright status set by the image author. So I doubt I'll upload any.


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