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I discovered wikipedia 2-3 years ago while searching for information on the internet to do my homework, place them in my Favorites, and ever since come to search for other informations. Since finding valuable information in Internet is just like finding a needle in a haystack.

But just started posting on Nov. 26, 2003, in an article talk:Generation_X.

My Life

0-18years 5months: In Indonesia 18years-25years: In Taiwan

Undergraduate student in central Taiwan majoring in CSIE. Mostly doing little editing in Wikipedia especially "See also" subsection. Not an english native speaker. Articles I started mostly based on inspiration rather than depth-knowldge on it. Hoping those articles could became a good, worth reading articles.

  • I think wikipedia could became Symbol of Human Civilization.
  • I think it would be much interesting if wikipedia could place applet, flash animation, and movies.

Jesus teaching

  1. First and most important of the commandments: One should love God with one's entire heart, soul, mind, and strength. One should love one's neighbour as one would love oneself. (MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb, MarkTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb and LukeTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb)
  2. How to Love: JohnTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb, Template:Bibleref2c-nb
  3. Beatitudes
  4. Our Father
  5. Divorce: MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb Template:Bibleref2c-nb, MarkTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb
  6. Conflict: MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb, Turning the other cheek
  7. Paying taxes: Temple Tax, Nation tax
  8. Parables of Jesus: Good Samaritan, Lost son, Sower (MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb, MarkTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb, LukeTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb), Two Sons
  9. Miracles of Jesus
  10. Samaritan woman
  11. Obedience: LukeTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb Template:Bibleref2c-nb, JohnTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb
  12. Hypocrite: Woes of the Pharisees
  13. Neighbor: see Good Samaritan
  14. Afraid, Anxiety, Desperation: Calming the storm, For my yoke is easy and my burden is light MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb, MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb
  15. Disaster: Tower_of_Siloam(LukeTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb)
  16. Live a life: For if you choose to save your life, you will lose it, and if you lose your life for my sake, you will save it. (LukeTemplate:Bibleref2c-nbTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb and MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nbTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb)
  17. Promises:
  18. Sad:
  19. Insult: MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb
  20. Service: Foot washing (JohnTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb), MatthewTemplate:Bibleref2c-nbTemplate:Bibleref2c-nb


No Name Note
1 Simon, who is called Peter Simon (to whom he gave the name Peter), from Beth-sa'ida
2 Andrew Andrew from Beth-sa'ida brother of St Peter
3 James the son of Zebedee James the son of Zebedee
4 John John the brother of James (to whom he gave the name Boanerges)
5 Philip When in Galilee, Jesus met Philip who was from Beth-sa'ida
6 Bartholomew Bartholomew (also known as Nathanael
7 Thomas Thomas
8 Matthew, the tax collector Matthew
9 James the son of Alphaeus James the son of Alphaeus
10 Thaddaeus Thaddaeus
11 Simon the Zealot Simon the Zealot
12 Judas Iscariot Judas Iscariot


New American Bible (NAB), or the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV)

Catholic Resources

  1. XT3
  2. Catholic Wikis: Catholic Guide, Catechetics Online

Hobbies & Interests


Listen to Music, Watching Movies(Review), fashion, Model design, Interior design, comic book, photography, Seven Wonders of the World

  1. Architecture: Architecture firms, Castle, Skyscraper,
    1. house: Couch,


List of popular tourist regions, Travelling, tourism, pilgrimage, World Heritage Sites,

  1. Taste Food: cake, cookie, cheese, chocolate, honey, milk, wine, Woochi, List of cheeses
  2. television network:


Acta Sanctorum, Apostle, bible, Catholicism, Christology, Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Doctor of the Church, Saint, Holy See, Jesus Christ, Index Librorum Prohibitorum, priest, Roman Curia, Category:Catholic lay societies

Science & Engineering

Natural Science

philosophy, Anti-gravity, cognitive science, Cryogenics, earth, ecology, explosion, Futurology, famous experiments, geography, geology, mind, time, Unsolved problems in mathematics, Unsolved problems in physics, Water purification,

  1. Biology:
    1. anatomy: Hormone, prostate, rectum, urinary bladder
    2. medicine: Health, eye, HPV vaccine, kidney, Nephrology, stem cell, tooth
    3. Food hygiene: PCR food testing
  2. chemistry: electrolysis, Redox
  3. Computer science: Algorithm, Edge detection, Shortest path problem
  4. Mathematics: algebra, geometry, probability, statistics,
  5. Physics:
    1. Condensed matter physics: matter, Phase (matter),
    2. electromagnetism: electricity & magnetism: magnet, Electric charge, electric field, electromagnetic spectrum, Electromagnetic waves, magnetic field
    3. Material: Bulletproof glass, ceramics, limestone, marble, metal, glass
    4. nature: aurora, earthquake, Extremes on Earth, fjord, geyser, glacier, lake, mountain, ozone, ozone layer, river, tsunami
    5. optic: infrared, laser, light, ultraviolet,
    6. Particle physics: Elementary particle, List of particles, atom, electron, proton, neutron, quark, fermion, boson,
    7. Quantum mechanics/quantum physics: Quantum field theory
    8. Space science: astronomy, Orbit, Outer space, Project Vanguard
    9. Thermodynamics: energy, energy development, Energy storage, Fuel cell, Renewable energy,
    10. Nuclear physics: nuclear fission, nuclear fusion
    11. Plasma physics: fusion power
    12. research & development center: CERN, Radiation Laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States Department of Energy National Laboratories

Social science

Society, psychology, Business, civilization, contradiction, Declaration of Independence (United States), Demography,emotion, ethics, feeling, forecast, Hammurabi, Human behavior, human migration, Human rights, irony, Life insurance, Marshall Plan, Nobel prize, orphan, paradox, Perfectionism (philosophy), Perfectionism (psychology), planning, Social issue, social security, security, safety, time management, Transhumanism,

  1. Education: child prodigy, Emotional intelligence, Experiential education, genius, Intelligence quotient, Lifelong education, efficient learning method, case study
    1. University:
      1. England: University of Cambridge, University of Oxford
      2. US: Harvard university, MIT, Princeton university
  2. Economy: currency, Economic development, Exchange rate, International trade
    1. Macroeconomics
    2. Microeconomics
  3. government: United States Congress
  4. History: Reconquista, Crusades
    1. Revolution: French Revolution
  5. Law: justice
  6. World government: Universal Declaration of Human Rights, World citizen, World population, World Federalist Movement


Biosphere 2, construction, machine, new town, Urban planning, regional planning, Terraforming, Space colonization, Space station

  1. engine & motor:
    1. Internal combustion engine: V engine, W engine
      1. rotary engine: Turbine, gas turbine, water turbine
    2. External combustion engine: steam engine, stirling engine
  2. Transportation:
    1. Air: aircraft, Boeing, Boeing X-43, helicopter, Accidents and incidents in aviation, Electric aircraft, Gossamer Albatross, List of airlines, Skylifter, Solar Impulse, PC-Aero Elektra One
      1. AirbusA320, A380
    2. Land: bus, car, ICE, maglev, Shinkansen, TGV, tiger-stone, truck
    3. Water: boat, ship, cruise ship, Category:Shipbuilding companies, Bayliner, Innespace Seabreacher, Tûranor PlanetSolar
      1. ocean liner: RMS Queen Mary 2
      2. cruise ship: MS Freedom of the Seas, MS Oasis of the Seas
    4. Outer space:
  3. Civil engineering: Earthquake engineering
  4. Renewable Energy: Water turbine
    1. Tidal power: Aquamarine Power
    2. Wind turbine: Vestas, Sinovel, GE Wind Energy


Automaton, Cell chip, Communication, Digital signal processing, GIS, GPS, Liquid crystal display, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, microscope, nanotechnology, Organic light-emitting diode, Plasma display, radio control toys, rocket, surveillance, Synchronous optical networking, Telescope, Television, wind turbine

  1. Computer: Arduino, Collision detection, Computer game, internet, java, Java Community Process [1], jsp, PHP, SMIL, XHTMLplusSMIL
    1. Computer type: Enterprise Server, Mainframe Computer, Mini-Computer, Minisupercomputer, Laptop Computer, Personal Digital Assistant - PDA, Supercomputer, Wearable computer, Workstation
      1. Personal computer: memory, display, hard drive, motherboard, processor, keyboard, mouse, CD drive, DVD drive, graphic card, sound card, casing, power, webcam, speaker, mic, headphone, ethernet card
    2. operating system: Comparison of operating systems, Kernel (computer science),
    3. open source: Asterisk PBX, Eclipse (computing), JFace, sipX, SWT, subversion, trac
      1. open source communities: BerliOS, [2], SourceForge,
        1. Apache Software Foundation: Apache Ant, Apache Maven, Jakarta Project, Jakarta Struts
    4. Computer graphics: Blender (software)
  2. robot: ABB Group
  3. satellite: Sputnik 1
  4. Communication: 3G, Meraki, WRT54G
    1. cryptography: encryption, Enigma machine, steganography
  5. Renewable energy:
    1. Solar panel:
      1. Companies:
        1. China: Suntech Power, JA Solar, Yingli, Trina Solar
        2. US: First Solar, SunPower


Archery, Athletic, Bungee jumping, Dance, Fencing, Gliding, Judo, Parachuting, Shooting, Outdoor Activities


Roswell UFO incident, Tunguska event

General knowledge

List of vegetables, List of fruits

  1. Wikipedia: Wikipedia:Reference desk, Wikipedia:Village pump, Wikipedia:Extended_image_syntax, Wikipedia:Picture tutorial, Category:Lists of Wikipedians, Category:WikiProjects, Category:Spoken articles
  2. Prospective Wiki (List): Consumerium [3], GreatestWiki [4], InfoAnarchy wiki [5], JnanaBase [6] , MusicWiki [7], Stockepedia [8], Wikilaw, Wikinfo [9], Wikitravel [10]; Professional Wiki: FIRSTwiki [11], Javapedia [12], OpenFacts [13], Wikicities

Proverbs & Quotations

I think proverbs & quotations are the same thing. Proverbs usually older and people forget their author so they were divide into countries. While quotations are new/fresh, people still know the author. So they were divide by the author's name.

suit me & I believe

  • prepare for the worst, hope for the best


  • A beautiful day starts with delicious breakfast.
  • When choose friends of the same background you were tend to be separated, pick friends with same dreams you were tend to be united.
  • You can lie to some people for some times, but not to all the people and all the time.
  • God and evil are seeking the same glory, but with different ways. (glory: as much followers as possible)
  • The earlier you fell, the earlier you learn how to get up and stand with your own feet, and learn not to fell again. Unless you die on your first fell, but that's rarely happened, I guess.
  • God puts us in a terrible condition not to complain but to improve the terrible condition.


  1. How to transport persons/objects between 2 points at 0 cost and 0 time.
  2. How to provide healthy, hygiene, satisfactory food & comfortable accomodation for persons.
  3. How to provide first-class education and research & development center.
  4. How to eliminate hunger, disease, poverty, war, disaster, accident
  5. How to predict natural disaster
  6. How to create, build, maintain utopia or heaven on earth

pinpoint theory

An observation of one object by multiple objects to find out detail of observed object.

Architecture of life

This might be a dream or a plan or a guidance or a science. And it is growing and always being revised.

Architecture of life is art and science of designing and planning on how to live a life, in purpose achieving a life to the fullest. That every person have their own definition of happy success life. Therefore, knowing the definition of happy life in their early age is essential, still they must perform their responsibility to society.

Creation of life by human

First the invention of electricity, then transistor, then computer, then AI, then robot, then cyborg, then self-replicating robot.

Simple Q&A

Reference desk: Computing, Science, Humanities, Entertainment

Useful links: Wikipedia:Cheatsheet


  1. Why water put in a container for a long time (a few weks maybe) could cause the container surface slippery? What really caused it? (ref desk - science, Mar 29)
  2. What's the average price to build a wind turbine? Let say a 2-3 MWatt wind turbine. (ref desk - science, Mar 30)


  1. How rocket in vacuum works? (ref desk - science, Jan 17)
  2. Common Crusades route? (ref desk - humanities, Jan 19)
  3. Image search related question (ref desk - science, March 8)
  4. Linux disk management and webcam driver (ref desk - computer, April 17)
  5. What's the benefits and overheads of high-interest rate in a country? (ref desk - humanities, June 20)
  6. First human - according to Bible (ref desk - humanities, Nov 28)


  1. Breathing in cold weather (ref desk - science, Jan 6)
  2. Communication software (ref desk - comp, Feb 17)
  3. Gossamer Albatross (ref desk - science, April 13)
  4. Question about magnet (ref desk - science, April 13)
  5. Ionic detox (ref desk - science, April 16)
  6. HIV transmission (ref desk - science, April 18)
  7. Electric field therapy (ref desk - science, April 19)
  8. Software for interior design (ref desk - comp, April 22)
  9. English grammar (ref desk - lang, May 19)
  10. Tree questions (ref desk - science, May 19)
  11. GPS on plane (ref desk - science, June 2)
  12. Rain after earthquake (ref desk - science, Oct 2)
  13. DNA (ref desk - science, Oct 6)
  14. GPS-based alarm (ref desk - science, Nov 27)


  1. Seeing the past ( ref desk - science, Jun 20)


  1. Bone decaying (ref desk - science, Feb 5)

World Facts

Countries on Earth

As November 2004, there are 201 countries on earth according to List of sovereign states

  1. Australia: Australia is divided into six states and several territories. The states are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. The two major territories are the Northern Territory (NT) and the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
  2. Belgium
  3. Canada: Canada is divided into ten provinces and three territories. The provinces have a large degree of autonomy from the federal government, while the territories have somewhat less.
  4. China
  5. France: France has 26 regions (French: région), which are further subdivided into 100 départements.
  6. Germany: Germany is divided into sixteen states (Länder, singular Land; commonly Bundesländer, singular Bundesland). It is further subdivided into 439 districts (Kreise) and cities (kreisfreie Städte) (2004).
  7. Iceland
  8. Indonesia
  9. Ireland
  10. Japan
  11. Malaysia: Malaysia is divided into fourteen political divisions: thirteen states (negeri) and three federal territories (wilayah persekutuan) that collectively has the status of a state.
  12. Netherlands
  13. Norway
  14. Portugal
  15. Slovenia
  16. Spain: Spain is divided into 17 autonomous communities (comunidades autónomas) and 2 autonomous cities (ciudades autónomas) - Ceuta and Melilla. These autonomous communities are subdivided into 50 provinces (provincias).
  17. Sweden
  18. Switzerland
  19. Taiwan
  20. United States
  21. United Kingdom


  1. Earth Area:
    • total: 510.073 million km²
    • land: 148.94 million km²
    • water: 361.132 million km²
    • note: 70.8% of the world's surface is covered by water, 29.2% is exposed land


  1. As 2012, on National Day Golden Week, 80.87 million people traveled by road each day. Trains carried 60.95 million passengers, airway travelers hit 7.61 million from Sept. 29 to Oct. 6. On 2nd, 186,000 people visited the Forbidden City. ref


  1. Most viruses that have been studied have a diameter between 10 and 300 nanometres.
  2. As of July 2011, USA debt limit: $14.3 trillion and spending around $200bn more than it collects in revenue every month. Its cash balance is $73.7bn, as comparison Apple's is $76.4bn.
  • Colors
sRGB rendering of the spectrum of visible light
Color Wavelength Frequency
violet 380–450 nm 668–789 THz
blue 450–495 nm 606–668 THz
green 495–570 nm 526–606 THz
yellow 570–590 nm 508–526 THz
orange 590–620 nm 484–508 THz
red 620–750 nm 400–484 THz

Dreams, Hopes, Wish List

My Basic Needs

  1. God & love
  2. Safety
  3. Food & drink
  4. Health & sanitation
  5. Clean air & clean water
  6. Home
  7. Transportation & communication
  8. Clothes
  9. Education
  10. Comfort

Prettiest girl

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