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The following table lists users who are participants in the WikiProject Mathematics. Please feel free to add yourself to the list. Instructions can be displayed by editing the page (if you can't figure out how to edit the table, just leave your info at the bottom of the page and someone will probably update the table for you).

If you are a participant, you can keep in touch with project developments: click here to add Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics to your watchlist.

Active participants A-E

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments
4 (T C) everything I really like maths, and my username is the smallest square of a prime.
48v (T C) geometry, linear algebra, calculus, number theory I'm a high school math student among other things.
Chinmoy (T C) Algebra, Geometry, Functional Analysis, Topology I am Assistant Professor in Mathematics.
CarnivorousBunny (T C) philosophy of mathematics, logic, geometry, calculus, game theory, knot theory Idle pursuit.
Aaron (T C) Spacial theories, Algebraic theories, Physics, Hyperplane Just a high school student that likes math and science and how they interact.
Abby (T C) Combinatorics Design Theory Number Theory Group Theory Computer Science Graph Theory Commercial researcher in math and comp sci. I want to become familiar with WP-style in an area I'm comfortable with!
AdamSmithee (T C) abstract algebra, probability theory, statistics, mathematical economics I'm an undergraduate student in math. However, as I am also an economist, I might know something about math applications in economics.
Adavis444 (T C) Set theory, Topology, Algebraic Topology, Mathematical physics
AGK (T C) Algebraic geometry, various calculus topics (differential calculus in particular)
Aiden Fisher (T C Old(T C)) Stochastic process, Markov processes, Queueing theory I'm a PhD candidate at the University of Adelaide
Akihironihongo (T C) Anything and everything pertaining to mathematics A High School Sophomore taking College-level mathematics courses.
Akvilas (T C) Numerical Analysis, Fluid Dynamics, Physics Bachelor, heading towards PhD in applied mathematics.
A legend (T C) Abstract Algebra PDE's drive me CRAZY!
Alex Bakharev (T C) Numerical analysis, applications to Rheology and Fluid Dynamics, elementary mathematics, biographies I am an R&D engineer, developing models and writing codes for the plastic industry.
Alterationx10  [[]]) I am a Ph.D. student in noncommutative geometry at the Max Planck Institute in Bonn.
Anand (T C) Differential geometry, Mathematical Analysis, Abstract algebra, Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Neither academic nor talented. Know my way around pure mathematics. Bourbaki fan.
Andrewa (T C) model theory, non-standard analysis, history of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics Majors in pure mathematics and philosophy, particularly formal logic, metalogic and meaning and reference. Interested in making mathematics and logic articles accessible to non-mathematicians and even to mathematicians with other areas of specialisation.
Andrewmc123 (T | C) Intersted in most things to do with Mathematics. Expert in alegra and algebraic geometry I have acheived the Scottish Advanced Higher Mathematics.
AnnekeBart (T | C) low-dimensional topology My research is in (geometric) topology. I'm also interested in the history of mathematics and ancient Egypt.
AnthonyMarkes (T | C) Pure Mathematics, Physics, Cryptology, Triangle Optimization I am primarily interested in mathematics as it applies to engineering, motion, energy and programming.
Anti-Quasar (T | C) Mathematical Physics, Astrophysics The Development of the Mathematical Methods for application to problems in the Physics, Space and Motion.
arcfrk (T C) algebra, combinatorics, geometry, history of mathematics, Lie theory, number theory Mathematical interests are fairly diverse, prefer expository style ('big picture') to technicalities, expert in representation theory.
ArkianNWM (T C) Interested in most aspects of mathematics, though I am particularly interested in analysis and calculus, series, and numeral systems. I am an undergraduate seeking a BS in materials science and one mathematics at the University of Arizona
Arthur Rubin (T C) mathematical logic (You want only mathematical interests here, right.) Ph.D. in mathematics from Caltech, with a specialization in mathematical logic. Currently working for an aerospace company, where I do make use of advanced mathematics, believe it or not.
nocheck (T C) numeral analysis, mathematical logic, topology, combinatorics, functional analysis and mathematical logic, mathematical physics Ph.D. in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering
Artie_p (T C) algebra,algebraic topology,algebraic geometry I'm a Ph.D. student, working in algebraic geometry and topology.
Ateeq Sharfuddin (T C) number theory; linear algebra; abstract algebra; real analysis; probability theory Boo!
Avi (T C) applied mathematics, probability and statistics, actuarial science Casualty actuary.
AxelBoldt (T C)
Ashraf isslam (T C) Applied Mathematics, Probability, Statistics, Algebra, Calculus, Geometry, Trigonometry, Mathematical Economics Undergraduate student from Bangladesh. Extremely interested in Mathematics. Participated in many Math Olympiads.
Barak Sh (T C) Mainly Mathematical Physics Currently working on a B.Sc in Mathematics & Physics at Tel Aviv University.
Bci2 (T C) Mainly Mathematical Physics, Category Theory, HDA and Mathematical Biology M.Sc. in and Mathematical Biology and PhD in Physics, now at University of Illinois.
Billlion (T C) Inverse problems, Differential geometry
Bharath   (T  C )
Ben Cairns (T C) probability theory, applied probability, stochastic processes, statistics, analysis I'm a PhD student in applied probability and stochastic processes. Most of my mathematical interest (and expertise) lies in these fields and in related topics such as analysis, a little measure theory, and so on.
BK Drinkwater (T C) logic, synthetic geometry, recursion theory New to the wiki. Will help out where I can.
Ben Tillman (T C) Linear algebra, Functional analysis, Complex analysis, Group theory, Topological groups, History of mathematics B Math (Hons), B Comp Sci so far. Many areas of mathematics interest me, but I'm not an expert in any particular area.
Blake Boursaw (T C) Topological dynamics, Geometric Group Theory I'm a pure mathematician by training and, currently, an applied statistician working in health policy by trade. Accordingly, I have an embarrassingly wide variety of interests.
Bo Jacoby (T C) inferential statistics, exponentiation, root of unity, Durand-Kerner method, Multiset I studied physics and mathematics long ago.
Borisblue (T C) Nominated Isaac Newton, Carl Friedrich Gauss and Leonhard Euler to Featured status, so I guess my specialty is math biographies Undergrad.
Blnguyen (T C) algebra Hopf algebra PhD student in theoretical physics. Hons B.Sc last year in math physics - Quantum groups and Statistical mechanics was my project - although that wasn't my strong point
Brad Beattie (T C) algorithm analysis, complexity, graph theory, cryptography, combinatorics Finished my BMath a couple years ago. Did my honours in CompSci with a minor in C&O.
Brad (T C) The existence of mathematics. The scope of mathematics. Mathematical abstraction
Brent (T C) Kalman filter and matrix calculus as well as math articles related to physics. I just finished Bachelors in math and physics, and I'm now going to grad school for physics.
bte99 (T C) Algebra, Statistics none (yet)
BurkeFT (T C) Logic, Foundations of mathematics, Geometry Philosophy PhD, Stanford.
Can You Prove That You're Human (T C) Algebra; Calculus; Vectors; Trigonometry; Mathematical Functions; Mathematical Analysis in Economics Working toward Honours Bachelor's Degree in Economics
C0N6R355 (T C) fractals, mobius strips, fourth dimension. Programmer by trade, C++, delved into number theory.
CBM (T C) mathematical logic
CDicken (T C) Pure Maths, mainly number theory Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Electronics A level Student, and I am planning to do a BSc in Maths afterwards. Without a doubt i'm not as good as some of the people on here, but i will do what i can.
CegaLEGOlog99! All math I am doing really advanced math, and I love it!:-)
User:Chaoticallyc (T C) Most areas of mathematics I love mathematics and am currently studying math and computer science in University. I'm just starting putting my knowledge to use on Wikipedia.
Charles Matthews (T C) Worked in number theory once upon a time; I write here over the whole range I've added about 450 mathematics topic pages, many biographies, and lists of mathematical topics. I'm an admin and arbitrator here.
Charles Stewart (T C) mathematical logic, category theory, mathematical structures for semantics (eg. set theory, Boolean algebras, domain theory) I'm a logician and I'm mostly here for the overlap with logic in mathematical logic, but I've some other interests in mathematics here and there.
Cholpon Tuzabaeva (T C) All mathematics topics I am only in secondary school but love math and think I can help by adding links to articles that helped me understand the topics
Chris Hillman (T C) mathematics Broad interests but (currently) narrow focus
Christopher Yeleighton (T C) Combinatorics, Graph theory Currently devoted to reviewing, fixing and typesetting
Chad Seibert (T C) Number theory, Group theory, Abstract algebra, Topology, Linear Algebra It's all on my user page
Clayt85 (T C) Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling of Physical and Biological Systems, Inverse Problems Ph.D. Candidate in applied mathematics
Compsonheir (T C) Computational fluid dynamics, free boundary problems, glacier mechanics Pursuing a Ph.D. in applied math at the University of Washington
CRGreathouse (T C) Number theory, computational mathematics, applications to economics (esp. social choice theory/voting theory), cryptology, and computer science Graduate student
Cronholm144 (T C) Calculus, Linear algebra, and Abstract algebra seem to be the types articles I have been writing lately. Undergraduate student in mathematics at USC. After that, on to grad school!
C S (T C) low-dimensional topology
Damelch (T C) Combinatorics, Graph Theory, tournaments Ph.D student at University of Colorado Denver with particular interest in tournaments and the Reconstruction conjecture
Dan Brown (T C) Cryptography, Combinatorics, Algebra, PhD thesis was in Combinatorics. Now working in industry (cryptography).
Dan Hoey (T C) Combinatorial game theory, Computer science applications, Computational mathematics, Recreational mathematics Working in CGT, wide mathematical interests.
Daniel Chang (T C) Multivariable calculus, Linear Algebra I just really like math.
Daniel C Sutton (T C) Group Theory, Numerical Analysis, Topology, Linear Operators,Fluid Mechanics,Analysis of Real Valued Functions PhD Candidate, University of Bath
David Bryant (T C) Complex analysis, continued fractions, connections between analysis and algebra, the integers, and the history of mathematics. Caltech graduate and former actuary with substantial assembly language programming experience.
David Eppstein (T C) algorithms, geometry, graph theory, combinatorics, number theory Comp. Sci. professor working in graph algorithms and computational geometry
David Ingerman (T C) continued fractions, graph theory, inverse problems Great expanded mathematics articles in Wikipedia!
David Terr (T C) algorithms, number theory Math Ph.D. from UC Berkeley currently working as a software engineer
Dbenbenn (T C) geometric group theory, knot theory I'm happy to contribute MetaPost diagrams by request. I'm an administrator. Lately I've taken a break from working on math, though eventually I intend to add a lot about geometric group theory.
dchmelik (T C.) everything, including history of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics, mathematical logic I am an undergraduate with skill in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, analysis, algorithms, linear algebra, discrete math, fractal geometry, dynamic systems.
Dcoetzee (T C) abstract algebra, graph theory, topology, real analysis, complex analysis, logic, set theory, number theory I have a BS in math and have studied at a basic level abstract algebra, graph theory, topology, real and some complex analysis, logic, set theory, and number theory. If anyone needs help with pages in any of these areas please consult me.
Declan Davis (T C) Differential geometry, affine differential geometry, singularity theory, topology Graduated with a PhD in 2008 in applications of singularity theory to affine differential geometry.
deeptrivia (T C) numerical analysis, optimization, number theory, general stuff PhD candidate in Mechanical engineering. I don't have a remarkable background in pure mathematics, but can contribute in areas of applied mathematics, and work as a janitor.
Dinesh Karia (T C) Abstract Algebra, Topology, Real analysis, Linear Algebra, set theory, Topological algebras, Computer Programming, Functional Analysis, History of Mathematics I am an Indian. I did my Ph. D. in Topological Algebras. I have been working with the Department of Mathematics, Sardar Patel University for more than two decades. Presently, I have been working on e-content for the Students of Mathematics. I have authored a Textbook of Calculus.
Divespluto (T C) Education in, and history of mathematics. Linguist etc. I've joined this group to help explain maths in general prose, and to learn more about maths myself.
Dmharvey (T C) I am an Australian PhD candidate studying in the US. Serious interest is number theory. Minor interests include combinatorics and anything leaning towards computer science. Right now I'm working on a LaTeX => MathML converter (Blahtex) which may or may not one day be used in Wikipedia.
DocDeel516 --DocDeel516 discuss 21:12, 23 December 2008 (UTC) Theoretical physics, fractal geometry, algebra, mathematics I am a 7th grader, taking eigth grade Algebra I. Planning on becoming a theoretical physics doctorate and professor. I have a hypotheses that I firmly believe might earn me that Ph.D. But if I must resort to a degree in mathematics, I have a hypotheses for that doctorate too.
Doctormatt (T C) number theory, integer sequences, planar curves, graphics I finished my PhD in 1997, in analytic number theory. Currently, I'm a mathematics lecturer.
DonkeyKong64 (Mathematician in training) (T C) Group Theory, Graph Theory, Optimisation, Optimal Control, Stochastic Processes...and other stuff I can't think of right now I'm doing honours in mathematics (as at 2007 - scheduled to finish honours in June 2008).
Doug.(talk contribs) Number theory, set theory, geometry, topology, History of mathematics hobbiest, not formally trained in math except some basic statistics; I edit broadly
download (T C) Everything Won numerous mathematics competitions
DrPhosphorus (T C) Nonlinear analysis, mathematical modeling Math Professor
Dylan Lake (T C) Mathematical analysis, number theory, cryptography, logic (all kinds), History of mathematics
D.vegetali (T C) Stochastic processes, everything else Math researcher
Ebony Jackson (T C) Almost anything
Ecaterina Howard (T C) Computer science, Topology, Differential Geometry, Information Theory, Mathematical analysis and Calculus, Philosophy of mathematics, Computational mathematics, Mathematical physics, Logic, History of mathematics Theoretical Astrophysics research student at Macquarie University, Sydney.
editor0000001 (T | C) Likes math.Joined because I think collaboration on math can lead to new things to learn. I don't know what I know, but will add when I can.
EdJohnston (T C) Statistics, Computer science, Floating point arithmetic, Logic, History of mathematics
electricRush (T C) (inactive) Math competitions, mathematics in general In math levels 3 grades above my current grade level. Participates in various math competitions.
Elroch (T C) Topology, Geometry, Differential geometry, Real analysis, Complex analysis, Functional analysis, Category theory More of an ex-mathematician than a mathematician these days. Perhaps my deepest fascination is the mathematics that underlies our physical universe.
EmilJ (T C) mathematical logic, mathematics in general I'm a researcher at the Institute of Mathematics of the Czech Academy of Sciences.
Eric Herboso (T C) philosophy of mathematics philosophy of mathematics and the like.
2^oscar (T C) Undergraduate mathematics, particularly pure. Mathematics undergraduate. Unlikely to be able to contribute in any big way to more complex articles but will try to help out with small issues, such as typos, etc..
Evilbu (T C) (linear) algebra, number theory, geometry, history and geography I am a Belgian student in his third year of pure mathematics. I still have to learn a lot but I like to contribute about the stuff I know. History and geography are my other interests but I am not a heavy contributor in that area I am afraid </nowiki>
Expz (T C) My specialities are Algebraic Geometry, Algebra, Geometry, Differential Geometry. My interest is all of math, applied math and some theoretical physics.
Exteray (T C) Geometry, Probability, Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Statistics, Discrete Mathematics, Combinatorics, Number Theory High school student heavily involved in various mathematics competitions.
1 T = User's talk page, C = User's contributions.

Elementgermanium, Anything math-related except calculus, geometry and advanced algebra. I am 9, i am in 6th grade because i skipped 2 grades due to my math skills. Awesome at math, especially in inventing names for HUGE numbers. ever heard of the googolunvigintiliplex? i invented the name! someone might have come up with it before me but i thought of it on my own.

Active participants F-J

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments
Fakedeeps (T C) History; Philosophy; Foundations Looking forward to becoming an active Wikipedian. Generally all tasks acknowledged (though, currently short and easy ones preferred).
Fatka (T C) Differential equations, Linear algebra I am graduate student in physics. I often edit articles that I find I can add to.
Fawkes (T C) Algebraic Geometry Graduate student interested in Algebraic Geometry.
Fieari (T C) Discrete mathematics, graph theory, topology, linear algebra, Computer Science It was suggested that I add myself to this list. I'm an undergraduate studying computer science, with an interest in some mathematical topics. As I'm currently taking a number of math courses, I've been using wikipedia as a study aid, and when I find that my textbook is more comprehensive than the article, I fix the article.
F=q(E+v^B) (T C) Physics, Applied maths, Chaos theory, all things non-linear. Undergraduate in mathematical physics. Shall referance, contribute to all within scope of knowlage, clean up every/anything.
Fraqtive42 (T C) Algebraic Topology, Real Analysis, Differential Equations, Abstract Algebra (esp. Group Theory), Algebraic Number Theory I am an autodidact middle-schooler and math is my life. I am hoping to major in math. I am also interested in Philosophy of Politics, Quantum Mechanics, Astrobiology, Organic Chemistry, Criminology, and Linguistics.
Frayr (T C) mathematical logic Undergraduate in philosophy with an interest in logic; listing myself here because some of the articles I'm editing fall within your purview.
Freenaulij (T C) Anything abstractral or hard to grasp. I enjoy doing math in my head. High School Student who enojoys doing math competitions, learning about math, and highly enjoys math discussions.
Footballrocks41237 (T C) Algebra, Geometry, Computer Science, Trigonometry Middle school student who does mathematics contests and competitions.
Fredrik (T C) Analysis, number theory, abstract algebra, computer algebra Undergraduate student in engineering physics.
Freiddie (T C) Anything within my capability. An AS level student who is interested in math & physics.
Freepopcornonfridays Combinatorics, Graph theory, Set theory, and pretty much all other Discrete topics I am a high schooler with extensive contest history. I'll see what I can do to help.
Fropuff (T C) differential geometry and topology, Lie groups, category theory, topology, abstract algebra, theoretical physics
Ftbhrygvn (T C) Algebra A secondary student interested in Maths
Functor salad Algebra, functional analysis, category theory, mathematics in general Math student
FunnyMan3595 (T C) abstract algebra I'm a freshman majoring in mathematics, but I already have quite a few courses under my belt. My specialty is abstract algebra.
futurebird (T C) I enjoy learning about graph theory. I'm a grad student just starting a program in pure math.
Gabor Pete (T C) Probability theory and related fields: statistical mechanics, geometric group theory, combinatorics, dynamical systems, etc... I'm an assistant prof in Toronto.
Gabriel Velasquez (T C) Climatology, Astrophysics and Extra solar planets I watch for errors in new planet temperature models.
gala.martin (T C) Analysis and Probability theory I work on stochastic PDEs.
Gantiganti (T C) Calculus, History of Mathematics, and Linear Algebra I'm a high school student taking math classes at a local university.
Garald (T C) Analysis and Probability theory I work on number theory and group theory.
Gauge (T C) algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, category theory, homotopy theory, cohomology theories, mathematical logic, computer science Graduate student working on a PhD. Interested in the big complicated machines of modern homotopy theory and extraordinary cohomology theories, as well as their applications to algebraic geometry.
Gauge boson (T C) Algebra2 Undergraduate at University of Kansas. I enjoy Algebra and most things that involve it.
General Eisenhower (T C) All math is my favorite. Math teacher to 30 pupils. Name of school is not allowed to go public.
Genusfour (T C) Combinatorics, Discrete geometry,Algebraic topology, Mathematical logic, Modal logic, Automata theory undergrad.
Geometry guy (T C) Differential geometry, and anything related: algebraic geometry, linear algebra, differential calculus I'm a professor of mathematics in the UK (but prefer to be judged on my edits, not my credentials!)
Gilderien (T C) Calculus, Number Theory I'm a student studying Mathematics at A-level in the UK
GManNickG (T C) Mathematical logic Minor in mathematics, autodidact in mathematical logic.
Greg Woodhouse (T C) differential topology, differential geometry, number theory, mathematical logic, computer science, mathematical physics. I realize that list is, well, a bit "eclectic" Though my education is in mathematics, I currently work in health informatics as a software developer.
Gro-Tsen (T C) algebraic geometry (rational varieties), number theory, axiomatic set theory, metamathematics of arithmetic PhD from the University of Paris-Sud in 2005 (on the arithmetic of cubic hypersurfaces), currently teaching at the École Normale Supérieure in Paris.

Main interest in algebraic geometry, but very keen on mathematical logic as well.

Grubb257 analysis, physics I'm a professor of mathematics and am completing a PhD in physics
Grubber (T C) algebra, stochastic process, queueing theory, electrical engineering, steganography I'm a graduate student in electrical engineering, studying stochastic processes, security, information theory, and algebra.
Guardian of Light (T C) number theory, symmetric functions, graph theory, calculus, differential equations, algebraic topology, algebra, and category theory I'm glad to be here helping as a part of the Mathematics project. My interests are largely in number theory and symmetric function theory, however my (professional level) expertise also extend to algebraic topology and category theory.
Gustavo Sandoval Kingwergs (T C) history of mathematics, mathematicians BSc psychology (UNAM, 1986-90). Master's degree in Eng-Sp-Eng translation (Colmex, 1990-92). Diploma courses: EEG (sleep research), cognitive behavior therapy, and terminology. Certified Eng-Sp-Eng translator (Mexico City's Superior Court of Justice). In Wikipedia: Editing a) history/biographies of mathematics/-ians; b) difussion of maths (general public). Thanks and regards from Mexico City!
Kjetil Halvorsen (T C</small) mathemathical statistics, probability, linear algebra, history of mathemathics Master in mathemathical statistics, currently pursuing a PhD.
Hans Adler (T C) model theory, universal algebra Postdoc in model theory. In Wikipedia: Working on the basic foundations of model theory and universal algebra.
Harmonic Map (T C) geometric topology, algebraic topology, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, symplectic geometry
Harsimaja (T C) geometric topology, algebraic topology, differential geometry, algebraic geometry, logic, number theory, group theory, combinatorics Doctoral student in geometric topology.
Helohe (T C) category theory, graph theory, group theory, topos theory, computer science I'm currently learning category and topos theory and can contribute from time to time. As soon I have read the Topos of Music I will extend the related articles.
Henno Brandsma (T C) topology I have a PhD in general topology, and have a braod interest in many branches of mathematics. I'll mostly focus on what I know best, i.e. topology. I might indulge my other passions, like linguistics and literature.
Hexagon70 (T C) number theory, algebraic geometry, mathematical physics
Hibbs, Max (T C) Algebra,Algebraic Topology,Geometric Topology,History of Mathematics,Mathematicians,Mathematics Education Professor of Mathematics
Hirak_99 (T C) abstract algebra,algebra,calculus,combinatorics,discrete mathematics,geometry,measure theory,probability,set theory,statistics,topology I have deep interest in almost all branches of Mathematics. I have done my BStat. and MStat. (i.e. Bachelors and Masters in Statistics) from Indian Statistical Institute. Would love to contribute in any place where I can.
hv (T C) number theory, computation, education, sequences Primarily recreational since leaving university 20 years ago, I'm interested in all of maths but ignorant of most of it.
HyDeckar Statistics, Econometrics, Game Theory, Mathematical finance Honours Student in Statistics.
Hypergeometric2F1(a,b,c,x) (T C) Analytic number theory, analysis, number theory, special functions Math major at University of Oklahoma, have since dropped out. I am currently an Autodidact.
Incnis Mrsi (info T C) Everywhere, especially cleansing typography Once graduated MSU Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics and was a post-graduate. Sometimes participate in math researches.
Iolaus221 (T C) Geometry, Probability, Algebra, Algebraic Geometry, Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Neuroscience Middle-school student involved with many different science and mathematics contests.
Igor (T C) differential equations, dynamical systems, numerical analysis I have just joined the WP Math project.
Ikh (T C) analysis, DEs, theoretical physics, control theory Math undergrad at University of Waterloo. Various other interests in math, but can't remember them off the top of my head.
Ill logic (T C) Topology Grad Student at University of Iowa.
Imbalzanog (T C) Theoretical Physics, Number Theory Mathematics and Physics and Computer teacher at Turin, Italy.
Indeed123 (T C)

Combinatorics, Calculus, Geometry

Irrªtiºnal (T C) Let ε < 0 (hehe...) I am a highly unsuccessful mathematician. I am a man. I am single. I am free. I am an existentialist, therefore I am not.
Isomorphic (T C) game theory various applied math at the undergrad level. I did some more graduate-level work in game theory, which I think makes me Wikipedia's expert on the subject (with regrettable effects on our coverage.)
Ivan Akira (T C) Mathematics I like to participate in mathematics project, it's worth and fun. I usually taking programming as a usual activity and make a program that count various mathematics formula which need high accuracy.
Ivan M. Lerner (T C) Calculus, differential equations, statistics Graduate student of physics at the University of Sao Paulo
Jack Schmidt (T C) algebra, finite groups I studied PDE and numerical linear algebra, before returning to module theory. I tend to enjoy concrete, computable mathematics and am one of the many authors of the GAP computer algebra system. On wikipedia I like ensuring that articles have sources and a cohesive overview of the article subject, and I enjoy answering questions at the reference desk.
jacobolus (T C) undergrad math and physics student
Jagged 85 (T C) algebra, calculus, combinatorics, number theory, trigonometric functions undergraduate mathematics and computer science student at King's College London.
JaimeLesMaths (T C) algebra, number theory, game theory, education Mathematics grad school dropout (University of Wisconsin-Madison), looking to help make math articles intelligible to all. Soon to be high school math teacher (at least, I hope).
JakeVortex (T C) dynamical systems, real analysis, complex systems I love to edit.
Jakob.scholbach (talk) algebraic geometry and occasionally algebraic number theory student
JCraw (T C) dynamical systems, geometry, algebra, quadratic equations, trigonometry, calculus,mechanics, statistics Currently involved in the use of mathematics for calculations relating to neuron density within the mediodorsal thalamus, i have a profound love for mathematics that has been at the center of most of my research and study.
Jeb Joya (T C) dynamical systems, complex analysis, fractal geometry, julia set I have just finished my 3rd year at the University of Warwick studying toward my MMath in Mathematics, and have written essays on fractal geometry and julia sets.
Jerry Gagelman (T C) computational physics, computational chemistry, numerical analysis, physics in general, differential geometry, functional analysis My Ph.D. is in model theory, though I've moved into numerical analysis.
Jan Mandel (T C) multigrid, domain decomposition, parallel computing, ensemble Kalman filter, wildfire modeling, probability theory Professor of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences and adjunct professor of Computer Science at the University of Colorado Denver
JeffBurdges (T C) model theoretic algebra, finite group theory I'm jointly a Chateaubriand postdoc at University Lyon-1, France, and an NSF ostdoc at University of Manchester, England. I completed my PhD at Rutgers University in October 2004, working under Gregory Cherlin, on simple groups of finite Morley rank.
Jersey Devil (T C) Calculus, Probability theory, actuarial science, etc... Currently a senior undergrad at Rutgers with a Math/Econ double major pursuing an actuarial career.
Jim Belk (T C) group theory, topology, geometry, algebra, graph theory, physics Postdoc in mathematics at Texas A&M.
Jitse Niesen (T C) numerical analysis post doc in numerical analysis.
Jkasd (T C) Complex numbers, Topology, Algebra, Knot theory I don't know that much yet, but I hope to learn more and be able to help.
Jeremy Martin (T C) combinatorics, graph theory, algebraic geometry, discrete geometry, commutative algebra, topology assistant professor of mathematics at University of Kansas; I'm primarily a combinatorialist but am jack of a few other trades as well
JocK (T C) Game theory, dynamical systems Theoretical physicist
JohnBlackburne (T C) GA, SR, Dimensions, Dynamics, etc.
John Gunnar Carlsson (T C) Convex optimization Grad student in applied math at Stanford University, cleaning up some optimization material.
John Casale (T C) Knot theory, Graph theory, Number theory, Linear algebra, Calculus, Topology Junior math and computer science major. Extremely interested in Knot theory and look towards expanding it, by adding biographies of Knot theorists and adding to Knot theory related articles.
John Durban (T C) financial mathematics, integral calculus, statistics, fundamental algebra I have just finished my Matric Senior Certificate and hope to study actuarial science at Wits
Jörgen Backelin (T C) combinatorics, homological algebra, noncommutative algebra, computer algebra I am teaching (at the University of Stockholm), and sometimes improving a Gröbner basis package or doing a little research.
Joseph Myers (T C) graph theory, combinatorics, tiling, competitions, recreational mathematics PhD in graph theory, now working in computing.
Joth (T C) number theory, algebra, logic Undergraduate in Mathematics and Philosophy. Wide-ranging mathematical interests.
Jason Roderick Donaldson (T C) geometry,PDE,SDE,statistics,decision theory,mathematical economics, mathematical finance Currently PhD student in finance but my MSc was in convex methods in PDE from geometry.
juan andrés (T C) arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, algebraic geometry, probability, statistics, calculus, calculators, history of mathematics Although I've never colaborated in this area, I DO like math, it's my favorite area. I hope I were helpful in this project.
JSArmour (T C) Calculus,Geometry,Mechanics& Analysis. im interested in most maths Studied Mathematics at University and love it!.
Juan Marquez (T C) topology, algebra, geometry, analysis I am a low dimensional topologist eager to cooperate in this difficult arena, but being Erdös #5.
Junjunone (T C everything
JuPitEer (T C) set theory, logic I am just finishing masters degree in maths at Oxford University
Jwesley78 (T C) Discrete mathematics, Combinatorics, Discrete geometry I'm a PhD student in Computer Science.
Justin ( T C) mathematics education, foundations of mathematics Undergraduate student majoring in physics with a minor in mathematics at Appalachian State University
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Active participants K-O

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments
K3bab (T C) Numerical Analysis, spectral methods, fluid mechanics PhD student. Will try to contribute.
Kaboomkid01 (T C) Geometry, Algebra I just feel like doing my job to help.
Kanogul (talk) algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus, etc. high school student in Pre-Calculus (as of December 2007), perfect score- math section PSAT
KathrynLybarger (T C) numerical linear algebra, wavelets Librarian, SVD enthusiast
Kaustuv Chaudhuri (T C) mathematical logic, automated reasoning, type theory Math. logic postdoc
Kenny (T C) functional analysis, operator algebras, quantum groups second year PhD
Ketsuekigata (T C) calculus, discrete mathematics, wavelets, cycloids, ballistics, number theory, asymmetric cryptography, factorization I'm just going into college, but I'll do what I can. Math is my answer to angst.
Kevin Baas (T C) fractional calculus, Information geometry I started the fractional calculus section. Though it is still embryonic, it is very much 'my style', which is still under development. -Also started Information geometry section. I am just learning about this, though.
Kiefer.Wolfowitz (T C) Statistics and optimization theory & computations; some economics Applications often involve pure mathematics, e.g. operator theory, probability in Banach spaces, matroids, etc.
Kier07 (T C) Galois theory, algebraic topology, Lie groups I have always loved mathematics. I'm a senior undergraduate math major at Dartmouth College, soon to be a Ph.D. student in math at Northwestern University. I love the Wikipedia philosophy that (1) lots of information should be available in one place, (2) it should be accessible to the intelligent layperson, and (3) anyone can contribute. I want to be a part of it!
kilbad (T C) calculus
King Bee (T C) graph theory, relation algebras, algebra, logic I'm a Ph.D. student at Iowa State University, and I want to contribute in a meaningful way to the mathematics articles here.
King of Hearts (T C) number theory, combinatorics, real analysis Undergraduate math major at Stanford University.
Kmhkmh geometry, highschool math topics, education, math in general I have a German degree in math (Diplom) and a master in education science. I basically contribute new articles wherever I see things missing, that i can fill in. Other than that occasional proof reading and factual corrections.
Kompik (T C) category theory, general topology Ph.D. student, my work is concerned in categorial topology. Whenever I had enough time, I will work on the entries in wiki and planetmath as well, since I consider both very good projects.
V N Krishnachandran  Semigroups, Geometry, Topology, Kerala school of astronomy and mathematics Ph.D. from University of Kerala, India.
L33tminion (T C) Computer engineering, computer science, formal systems, Gödel's incompleteness theorem, logic currently studying Computer engineering at Olin College.
Lantonov (T C) Combinatorics, Coordinate systems, Cosmology, General relativity, Mathematical physics, Tensor algebra, Vector algebra M.Sc., Molecular Biology, Ph.D., Theoretical Physics from Virginia Tech
Lee Butler (T C) Number theory, transcendence theory PhD student in the UK.
Lee Creighton (T C) statistics, item response theory, design of experiments, general mathematics, mathematics teaching Ph.D., Mathematics Education, North Carolina State University
Leland McInnes (T C) algebra, category theory, cryptography, logic, topology Ph.D. student working in algebra, particularly topological groups and (non-associative) rings.
LeSnail (T C) Math! Undergraduate math major at Oberlin College
lethe (T C)
Liempt (T C) All things math. B. Sc. summa cum laude in cursu honorum, University of British Columbia, M. Sc. summa cum laude (Thesis: Antinomies and formal logic) Oxford University, Currently writing Ph. D. thesis at Oxford University
Linas (T C) quantum mechanics, fractals, modular forms, Riemann surfaces, number theory, special functions, quantum chaos, zeta functions Trying to understand the nature of quantum wave function collapse, which leads to the exploration of many remarkable and remarkably related topics in number theory. Strangely near the center of it all lies the theta function and the Hopf algebras. Dabble in the Riemann hypothesis as well.
LittleDan (T C) geometry, group theory, vector spaces I know up through geometry, and a fair amount of group theory and vector spaces. I can usually pick things up from wikipedia articles, if not from mathworld, then I can edit wiki articles for clarity.
Lord Shivan (T C) Anything to do with mathematics with all fields. High school student.
LoveOfFate (T C) Probability, Calculus, Measure Theory, Stochastic Calculus,Differential Equations, Numerical Linear Algebra, Financial Mathematics MSc in Financial Engineering grad student.
Lunch   (T C) numerical analysis and whatever catches my fancy
Magidin   (T C) group theory, universal algebra, number theory I know some set theory and mathematical logic as well; number theory is more a hobby, my main work being in group theory and universal algebra.
Makotoy (T C) Operator algebra and related subjects
Mathdoc (T C) Algebra, Statistics, Number Theory, Math Education CSUN Mathematics Masters student.
MathMaven (T C) Calculus, Computer programming, Computers, Graphing calculators, Logic, Mathematics in general, TI-83+/84+ programming I have studied mathematics up to the first year calculus level; I shall help wherever I am able to do so. I also love copy-editing.
Marc Harper (T C) algebra, algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, category theory UIUC Mathematics PhD student.
Marc van Leeuwen (T C) combinatorics, algebra Member of the mathematics department in Poitiers (France).
Mark Dominus (T C)
Mark viking (T C) Physics, Applied Mathematics, Mathematical programming PhD in theoretical physics with an interest in mathematics and mathematical physics
Markus Krötzsch (T C) I think many math articles still lack: general intros/motivation, links to relevant literature, objective account of alternative definitions (even if one definition is preferred in Wikipedia).
MarSch (T C) geometry, category theory, physics Working on my Master's thesis for physics and mathematics.
MartinDK (T C) Applied Mathematics, Mathematical programming and modelling, differential geometry Masters degree in mathematical economics, specialized in finance.
Math Champion (T C) Math competitions, such as MathCounts and AMC (8,10, and 12). Also enjoy counting, complex numbers, logarithms, graph theory, and number theory Winner of various state (Washington State Mathematics Championship) and national competitions (Rocket City Math League, and Math League); MathCounts State 12th place winner; AIME Participant,
Mathematici6n (T C) Currently a graduate student.
Mathemens (T C) Group theory, number theory, logics, statistics, chaos theory, applied math... many more. Oh hai, I'm a self-taught math addict and an active WikiProject participant in future :).
MathMartin (T C)
Mathmo (T C) My name says it all!
MathStatWoman (T C) probability theory and statistics, especially empirical processes, order statistics, Vapnik-Chervonenkis theory, measure theory, distributions, function spaces, metrics, infinity, history of mathematics, logic and foundations of mathematics, computing I just joined the WikiProject Mathematics and I am still quite new to Wikipedia; see my user page to learn about me.
Matthew Johnston (T C) projected differential equations, variational inequalities, chaos theory, education Current Master's student at the University of Guelph, Canada, starting my Ph.D. in the fall at the University of Waterloo.
MC10 (T C) general mathematics, number theory, groups, probability, trigonometry, algebra Enjoy doing mathematics
Meekohi (T C) Graph theory, cryptography, and complex systems I'll be trying to keep the collaboration of the week running if I can.
Meni Rosenfeld (T C) mathematical logic, real analysis BA degree in mathematics, interested especially in logic and the quest to make mathematical theories as precise and unambiguous as possible, but in virtually any other area of mathematics (and other sciences) as well.
Mercrutio(T  C) Set Theory, Topology, Cryptography Undergraduate Math Major new to Wikipedia. I'm loving Set Theory and Topology, and I'm interested in learning and contributing what I can.
Meshach (T C) Logic, Complex Numbers, Computer Science B.Sc. in Computer Science
Messagetolove (T C) abstract algebra Professional Mathematician new to Wikipedia: (so far) trying to respect (modulo accuracy) and expand, existing edits.
Mets501 (T C) anything relating to math, particularly calculus, computer science, and elementary mathematics I'm a high school student.
Mgnbar (T C) geometry, mathematical physics Ph.D. in geometry
Michael Belisle (T C) Applied mathematics, Fluid dynamics, Nonlinear systems, Stability theory I am a PhD student doing experimental research in laminar-turbulent transition.
Michael M. W. de Silva (T C) Nonlinear systems, Numerical methods, Numerical analysis, Fundamental algebra, Integral calculus, Differential calculus, Vector calculus, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics, Theoretical physics, Parametric modelling, Complex numbers, Discrete mathematics, Dynamical systems, Linear algebra, Advanced engineering mathematics, Computer Science, Computer engineering, Electronic engineering, Electrical engineering, Mechatronics Qualifications: MSc (Dist) Mechatronics, BEng (Hons) Electronic and Computer Engineering (resume)
Михал Орела (T C) all math relating to computer science; special interest in category theory formal qualifications (Europe): BSc Mathematics; PhD Computer Science.
Mhym (T C) Geometry and Discrete Mathematics I am a Ph.D. student in the field.
Michael Hardy (T C)
Michael E. Henderson (T C) Numerical Continuation I work for IBM Research in the area of solving families of nonlinear equations, anf computational dynamical systems.
Miguel (T C)
Mikkalai (T C) graph theory, computational geometry, computer science, operations research, optimization, algorithms I was trying to deal here with graph theory, computational geometry, computer science, operations research, optimization, algorithms, which are areas of my expertise, but, I am being distracted by more obscure areas of knowledge, and math somehow slipped off my schedule.
Mindspillage (T C) Discretion is the better part of mathematics, at least for me. Just about done with my bachelor's.
Minirogue (T C) Mathematical beauty, and anything interesting. Working on my bachelor's in math, with plans to go to graduate school for math. I still haven't decided whether I want a master's or a doctorate, but I'll probably go for the doctorate as I probably won't be satisfied with the master's.
Mipchunk (T C) Linear Algebra, Applied Mathematics, Differential Equations I am an undergraduate student studying applied mathematics. As my studies progress my expertise will become more focused.
Model_Math (T C) Systems of Symbolic Equations, Knowledge Capture and Reasoning in Graphs, Formal Testing and Validation I am old enough to remember hard-bound books and libraries but now thrilled by on-line knowledge; let's pass it all on.
Mppemberton (T C) Commutative Algebra, Algebraic Number Theory,
Algebraic Geometry
Current Ph.D. student in mathematics at University of Missouri-Columbia interested in commutative algebra and algebraic geometry.
Mrchapel0203 (T C) Current graduate student in mathematics at Hofstra University, working on thesis in mathematical modeling.
MuZemike (T C) Abstract algebra, Number theory Bachelor of Arts in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin in Madison.
User:Myrecovery/Template:Myrecovery Algebra, Integral calculus, Differintial calculus, Vector graphics, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Physics. Graduate in Atomic Physics and Mathematics from the Dhaka University.
Mythio (T C) Abstract Algebra, Group Theory, Cryptography, Number Theory Graduate student in Information Security Technology, consisting of a combination of Computer Science and Mathematics.
Nat2 (T C) So far, basically everything I've come across. I'm most interested in Calculus, Number theory, and Cryptography with varying levels of knowledge in each. I'm an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, probably going to be a math major. Completed up to Calc III in high school but also learned outside material from math team, etc.
NatusRoma (T C) graph theory, group theory, real analysis, complex analysis I am an undergraduate math major and aspiring mathematician.
NerdyNSK (T C) Graph theory and discrete mathematics. BSc(Hons) Computer Science.
NereusAJ (T C) Analysis, Topology, Number Theory, Combinatorics Undergraduate student in mathematics
Nevcamion (T C) Differential Equations, Mathematical Analysis, Abstract Algebra, and History of Mathematics. Undergraduate in Mathematics at Pitzer College.
Nightstalllion (T C)   Four years of Austrian Mathematical Olympiads, will study Technical Mathematics starting October 2006.
Nishitpatira (C) geometry, graph theory, game theory, algebra, analysis, probability, vectors
Nils Barth (T C) geometry, topology, algebraic geometry, elementary mathematics of all description, exposition
Nikolas (T C) Mathematics education (and Science communication)
Nsk92 (T C) geometric group theory, geometric topology
Nousernamesleft (T C) calculus, euclidean geometry, algebraic geometry inequalities (in particular inequalities) High school freshman taking AP Statistics.
Ocolon (T C) applied mathematics, number theory, … Undergraduate student majoring in applied mathematics.
Oleg Alexandrov (T C) applied mathematics
Omerks (T C) Algebra, Algebraic number theory I am a Ph.D. student at University of Massachusetts Amherst specializing in algebraic number theory.
Oravec (T C) computer science, discrete mathematics, T-theory I have a Bachelors in Computer Science. My current research area uses discrete mathematics, T-theory in particular.
Ozob (T C)
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Active participants P-Z

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments
Parrtech (T C)
Paul August (T C) topology, category theory, set theory, logic After having gotten a Ph.D. in categorical topology in 1980, I immediately sold my soul to computers for 20 years. But Wikipedia, has now made me a Born Again mathematician ;-)
Pbroks13 (T C) Trigonometry, Logarithms, Calculus, Imaginary Numbers, Geometry Will be majoring in mathematics starting next year.
Peruvianllama (T  C) cellular automata, computer science, cryptography, discrete mathematics, history of mathematics, number theory I have an honours BSc degree in mathematics, where my thesis project dealt with linear cellular automata. I have some experience with programming, although mostly for non-math topics. For now, I'm mostly interested in contributing to math history articles.

(T  C)

Areas of interest Comments
Peter H. St.John (T  C) Enumeration, number theory, Gemetic Algorithms, computer science BA, MS, ton of additional grad school in math, but have mostly worked in software development. Right now I'm most interested in the GA for AI, and also nonlinear optimization, and Beowulfry to support the GA.
Phancy Physicist (T C) All As the name says, I am a physicist but a theoretical one so I know some mathematics as well.
Phil Wilson (T C) applied mathematics, mathematical modelling, mathematical biology, popular mathematics, mathematics education, philosophy of mathematics, history of mathematics For my background, interests, and pop math writing, see [1]
Pierre Abbat (T C) I've come up with a family of functions, called guyot functions, interpolating between the normal density function and the uniform density function, which are pathological in that for many of them Taylor series don't work anywhere; a perfect spot function for halftones; and a conjecture about 64-100 sequences. I like to do mathematical experiments on the computer; hopefully I'll have more time for that...
Point-set topologist (T C) Point-set topology, Set-theoretic topology, Axiomatic set theory, Algebraic topology, Low-dimensional topology, Noncommutative ring theory, Rings with involution, Finite group theory, Field theory, Algebraic number theory, Algebraic geometry, Functional analysis, Dynamical systems, Category theory, Probability theory, Representation theory, Finite mathematics and Fluid dynamics I am a mathematician who is interested in various branches of pure mathematics and theoretical physics
Pratyush Sarkar (T C) Calculus I am a high school student who is very interested in mathematics and physics. My goal is to become a physicist.
Project2501a (T C) Computer science, Applied mathematics, Chaos theory, Information theory, Linguistics, Cryptography, Discrete analysis, Set theory, Graph theory, algorithms, number theory, Pattern Recognition BS, Comptuter Science and Applied Mathematics from New Jersey Institute of Technology, currently freelancing, trying to get back into the US :)
Prokofiev2 (T C) Fractal geometry, Chaos theory Independant french mathematician. Active since 2006.
Purpleleshi (T C) Chemistry, Biomechanics, mathematical physics,Quantum Physics/mechanics, set theory, linear algebra, Geometry, calculus, theoretical physics, mathematical physics, number theory, . I'm a senior in undergraduate college. I have taken all the possible math/physics/chemistry they offered here. Nothing excites me more anything, thats not because i am good at, infact i count myself as normal math level, but because nothing makes more sense than science and math for me.
Pyrop (T C)
Pyrospirit (T C) Axioms, topology, computer science, set theory, infinity, linear algebra, calculus, theoretical physics, mathematical physics, number theory, mathematical logic, etc. I'm a senior in high school taking undergraduate math. I will be majoring in math next year. I fully intend to continue doing mathematics my entire life.
Qwfp (T C) biostatistics
ral315 (T C) I'm an amateur mathematician, freshman in college, and creator of the Math WikiPortal. Check it out sometime!
RayAYang (T C) partial differential equations, mathematical analysis math graduate student
RayKiddy (T C) undergrad math, working in software.
Rcw258 (T C) arithmetic, elementary geometry Nothing, except I both love and am really good at math.
RDBury (talk)
Readro (T C) fluid dynamics, partial differential equations BSc (Hons) in mathematics, currently studying for an MSc in aerodynamics.
Richard Gill (talk) Statistics, probability, Life, the universe and everything professor, university Leiden (my homepage), infamous Richard Gill
RJaguar3 (T C) probability Currently a senior in high school
RJBotting ( C) formal logic discrete mathematics B.Tech. Applicable Math and Ph.D. Computer Science
RobHar (T C) Number theory, algebra, mathematical physics Ph.D. student in algebraic number theory
Robin Evans (T C) statistics, probability, measure theory Studying for the CASM at Cambridge, having graduated in maths from here last year.
RockMagnetist (T C) mathematical physics I'm a geophysics professor interested in mathematics applied to geophysics and magnetism.
Rocky Mountain Goat (T C) mathematical analysis B.A. in Mathematics
Root2 (T C) Euclidean Geometry, Trigonometry
Russellvanderhorst (T C) advanced applied mathematics B.S. in applied mathematics
Ryan Reich (T C) Algebraic geometry I'm a grad student at Harvard, interested in algebraic geometry. I tend to like sweeping overhauls, if I think I can pull them off competently.
rybu (T C) geometric topology I study manifolds, knots, links, spaces of embeddings, diffeomorphism groups and algorithms related to low-dimensional topology.
Septentrionalis (T C) history of mathematics, especially Greek mathematics; Abstract algebra, number theory ABD mathemarics; straightened out Feynman_diagram#Mathematical_details; a little rusty on current work, but will try anything more like algebra than topology.
Sayantan (T C) Algebra, Calculus etc. I'm just a mathematics student.
Salix alba (T C)
né Pfafrich (C)
Geometry,Singularity theory,Algebraic surfaces,Polyhedron,Multivariate statistics,Procrustes analysis,Computer vision,Computer algebra systems, Scientific visualization Real name Richard Morris, signing myself Salix alba. A general theme of Shape: M.Sc, in immersions of manifolds (topology), Ph.D. in Singularity theory/Scientific visualization. Post docs in Multivariate statistics and Computer vision. Written software for visualising singular algebraic surfaces and a Java equation parsing library.
Sardoodledom (T C) math competitions, random mathematical topics I'm a high school math student and an active member of my school's math team.
Schmock (T C) Probability theory and related fields
Schizoid (T C) algorithms, Information geometry, data clustering interested in algorithms, computational geometry and data mining
SetaLyas (T C) Group theory and related fields In the last year of a masters at Warwick Uni
shotwell (T C) Spectral theory, Automorphic forms, Representation theory,Number theory
Shreevatsa (T C) Computer Science, combinatorics, (elementary) number theory Was undergrad in maths and CS, now grad student in something else.
Sigma69 (T C) Computer science, Theoretical computer science, Theory of computation, Computability theory Studying Maths, along with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, at A-Level.
Silly rabbit (T C) geometric analysis, differential geometry, partial differential equations, some aspects of Cartan theory, conformal geometry
Simplifix (T C) geometry interpreted widely Math prof(essional) at a UK University.
Sjcjoosten (T C) discrete optimization / combinatorics, theorem proving Master student, starting as PhD in January in Netherlands.
skcpublic (T C) Statistics, Game theory My Math interests are application oriented; particularly the patterns that can be deduced from large data sets.
Sławomir Biały (T C) Analysis
Sasha (T C)
Some Old Man (T C) I am just Some Old Man who likes his cane, rocking chair, and rational thought.
SonyWii (T C) Algebra, Calculus, Number Theory, Ring Theory, Geometry A high school student who does competitive math, and has interests in algebra, geometry, and abstract algebra, namely ring theory.
Sr13 (T C) Number theory, Theoretical physics A middle school student that has interests in calculus, number theory, and GUT.
Stca74 (T C) Algebraic geometry, Differential geometry, Algebra, Number theory, Probability PhD in maths from Oxford, currently working in investment banking
SujinYH (T C) Algebra, Number theory, History of mathematics, Mathematics education, Mathematics as a language I'm an undergrad in mathematics (and French), and my mathematical interests are varied and subject to change at any time. Even though mathematics education interests me, I don't plan on teaching.
TakuyaMurata(T C) Noncommutative harmonic analysis a Ph.D. student
syifaerr(T C) analysis student
TauNeutrino(T C) Calculus, differential equations, and abstract algebra, among others Undergraduate studying physics and mathematics at Michigan State University
Tcnuk (T C) Harmonic analysis Working for a PhD at The University of Birmingham
TedPavlic (T C) Calculus, differential equations, and abstract algebra, among others Control Systems graduate student at The Ohio State University
TheAgentBrothers (T C Algebra, Geometry, Probability, Square number, Complex number, Logarithms, and Square root Very interested in math since I was 9 years old.
The Anome (T C) applied mathematics, computer science I have some applied mathematics and computer science knowledge, so I can help out on physics and engineering-related maths
thehalfone (T C) Logic, Model theory, o-minimality and links to real geometry PhD in Model Theory
Thenub314 (T C) Analysis, PDEs, Probability I am a mathematician working in Edinburgh.
thepurplelefant (T C) All topics in math I am interested in learning more about math and helping Wikipedia grow.
The Roc 1217 (T C) geometry, linear algebra, calculus, number theory, polynomials I'm a highschool math student. I got held back because I went to a private school. If I would have gone t oa public school I would have finished Calculus in 8th grade (four years ahead of where I am now). I love math.
The Scarlet Letter (T C) topology, abstract algebra, mathematical analysis, functional analysis, measure theory, differential equations, graph theory, differential geometry, among others I'm a highschool math student.
thudso (T C) Analysis, PDEs, Solid Mechanics, and much, much more. I'm an undergrad maths student, going on PhD student.
Thuy (T C) Applied Mathematics
Tiled (T C) dynamical systems grad student
TJhei07 (T C) Interested in subject matters regarding Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, and Trigonometry Senior Student of a Science and Engineering Section
Toby Bartels (T C)
Tom hundred % (T C) Model Theory, Topology, Mathematical Physics I'm just a generic geek
Tompw (T C) Algebra, Geometry , Topology Maths graduate, studied mixture of pure and physics-related. Wide range of interests. Currently doing a lot of WP 1.0 work
Tomo (T C) discrete mathematics, theoretical computer science
Tom Ruen(T C) Geometry B.S. Computer Science & Mathematics
Tomtomn00(T C) Algebra, Mathematical Physics, Equations, Computer Science, Calculus, Gravity. I will prefer to do these, but will do all if needed.
TooMuchMath (T C) Abstract algebra, Computational group theory Starting a PhD program in math at Cornell this fall (2006).
Topology Expert] (T7nbsp;C) Topology, Functional Analysis, Measure Theory, Group Theory, Linear Algebra, Real Analysis, Differential Geometry, Algebraic Topology, Differential Topology
Tparameter (T C) differential equations, numerical analysis, complex analysis, computer science B.S. Applied Math & B.A. Computer Science.
Trovatore (T C) Set theory, Descriptive set theory, Borel equivalence relations, foundational philosophy Real name: Mike Oliver. UCLA PhD, 2003.
Truthfulcynic (T C) Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra High school student taking courses in Calculus, Linear Algebra, Combinatorics and Graph Theory, Computer Science, and Physics. Sysop at ProofWiki.
Tsirel (T C) Probability theory (mostly) Boris Tsirelson.
Ushau97 (T C) Mathematics (all) Math student .
Vaughan Pratt (T C) Algebraic logic, universal algebra, category theory, dynamic logic, Chu spaces, speech recognition, natural language processing, complexity theory, computational geometry, combinatorics, quantum information, thin film optics Retired theoretical computer science prof.
VectorPosse (T C) Contact geometry, Symplectic topology, Geometric topology I am a professor of mathematics at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Veritas (talk) Everything I don't know alot about math; I'm a pathologist. However, I do admire it as the ideal pure science. Hopefully I can make some bangin' contributions.
Virginia-American (T C) Number theory Majored in math (no degree), program computers.
Vonkje (T C) computer science, applied mathematics, discrete mathematics U.S.-born PhD student studying computer science in the Netherlands. Interested in modelling equilibrium-seeking and non-equilibrium seeking collective behaviors. Can be helpful in discrete mathematics. Mostly focuses on narrative precision.
Walt Pohl (T C) More years of graduate study in math than I really like to admit.
WalterMß (T C) Riemann surfaces, group theory, functional analysis, algebraic topology, harmonic analysis, monodromy, chaos theory, Fractal, Electromagnetics
Wcherowi (T C) Finite geometry, Projective Geometry,Ovals and Arcs ,Combinatorics, History of mathematics Professor of Mathematics, University of Colorado Denver
WDavis1911 (T C) Computer science, Fuzzy set theory, Logic Trained primarily in Computer science, but highly enmeshed in mathematics
Weston Pace (T C) computer science, mathematical analysis, Linear Algebra Math and Computer Science Student.
William Ackerman (T C) computer science, special functions, orthogonal polynomials, mathematical analysis Maths degree, but my professional field is computer science.
wolfmankurd (T C) Pure mathematics, proof, mechanics I'm only at AS-Level so I dont have very specific interests.
wvbailey (T C) Theory of and philosphy behind abstract computational machines/models and "algorithm", number theory, logic, consciousness and computation, history of mathematics from 1850's, philosophy of mathematics and physics B.A. Dartmouth 1970, B.Engg. Thayer School of Engineering (Dartmouth) 1971, MSEE Stanford (1975)
Xantharius (T C) Topology, analysis, geometry, coarse geometry, algebra B.Sc. University of Edinburgh 1997, M.Sc. University of Tennessee 2006 (Thesis: "Coarse Structures and Higson Compactification"), currently in Ph.D. programme at Indiana University
xJaM (T C) history of mathematics, mathematical physics, mathematicians, number theory
Yuanchosaan (T C) Algebra, history of mathematics, quadratics, pi I will attempt to help anyway I can, especially in the history area.
xDanielx (T C) addition, subtraction Might be able to help with multiplication if that's not too much of a stretch....
SpeedOfDarkness (T C) Analysis, Set theory, Number theory, Measure, Fractal, Mathematicians 3rd year mathematics major and a wikinut :D
Yaris678 (T C) Applied mathematics Undergrad degree was all sets and groups and analysis... but I much prefer the applied.
Zfeinst (T C) Analysis, Applied mathematics Undergrad in applied math, doctoral student in financial math
Zieglerk (T C) Symbolic computation, Cryptography, Game theory Doctoral student in symoblic computation
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Former or inactive participants

These users have either left the project or have not edited in the last three months. If you are listed here, please feel free to "reactivate" yourself on your return to active duty.

User (T C)1 Areas of interest Comments
111111 (T C)   I am the only member with a number for a name. :D
A happybunny (T C) Mathematics, Mathematics Education, Euclid I'm a third year undergrad studying BSc mathematics, mt main areas of interest are mathematics teaching and recently I have become quite interested by Eucild's Elements
...adam... (T C) Number Theory, Coding Theory, Cryptography, Probability I am an undergrad reading maths in my final year at Cambridge University.
Adking80 (T C) graph theory, combinatorics, computational geometry, computing theory I'm a Ph.D. student, technically in computer science. You can expect lots of small edits from me, because I'm both pedantic and new at Wikipedia.
Aklippel (T C) function theory, number theory, algebra, functional analysis I'm a mathematician from Germany, today working as senior engineer in computer networking. But still interested in mathematics and willing to improve Wikipedia
A. Catuneanu (T C) Wave Theory, Calculus, Geometry I am a student exploring mathematical relationships for the behaviour of waves in varying conditions and with varying properties. I'll contribute where I can!
Anabel Costa (T C) Algebra, elementary mathematics I am a Chemist and a Matheamtics teacher, I like to do some research in Algebra as a hobby.
Ben (T C) Undergraduate Mathematics and Computer Science student. Will contribute where I can.
Bernard Hurley (T C) algebra, group theory, algebraic topology, mathematical logic, foundations of mathematics, philosophy of mathematics, intuitionism, analysis I was once a lecturer in mathematics but became disillusioned with the subject. After nearly thirty years my interest has been re-kindled.
Brozo M (T C) mathematics Senior student of Secondary school of electrical engineering and computing Maribor, Slovenia -> specializing in computing and informatics, programmer. I'm interested in making math web-applications.
btg2290 (T C) Quadratics and Linear Algrebra I'm in grade 11 university, so I haven't done very many things, we're mainly focusing on (I guess you could call it "simple") quadratics (such as , so yea, I'll contribute where I can :)
Bwyard (T C)
Robb Carr (T C) Student
Brian Chan (T C) Probability Theory, Geometric Brownian Motion, Options, Arbitrage pricing theory, Black-Scholes Model I'm currently an undergraduate studying Mathematical Finance.
Carl Peterson (T C) geometry, set theory, applied mathematics Sophomore math major at Bellarmine University. Computer programmer by trade. Will take requests for geometry-based vector images.
Chance (T C) computer science, formal systems, Gödel's incompleteness theorem, complexity theory, set theory, number theory I have a fair bit of knowledge in topics related to computer science and formal systems. I have keen learning interests in Gödel's incompleteness theorem, complexity theory, set theory and number theory.
Chas_zzz_brown (T C) group theory, abstract algebra My knowledge of topics outside of group theory is a monotonically decreasing function of their relationship to abstract algebra.
Chuchunezumi (T C) My collegiate studies were primarily in continuous mathematics (analysis and topology), though I am also interested in some number theory, advanced linear algebra, and other algebraic topics. Furthermore, I have a decent background in modeling, focusing on structural geology. While most of my editing contributions tend to be in other areas, I will be checking the list and evaluating good article candidates in mathematics.
Choni (T C) set theory, logic Most recently, been working with a few set theory/logic articles. But lots of other stuff interests me as well...
Chopinhauer (T C) algebraic geometry, number theory Working in algebraic geometry, number theory, sometimes called arithmetic geometry.
Claire (T C) Dynamical systems, bifurcation theory, pattern formation. I have a PhD from Cambridge and am currently a postdoc at Northwestern.
Covington (T C) Focusing on making mathematics articles understandable to most people.
CryptoDerk (T C) cryptography, number theory, coding theory, modular arithmetic, Galois fields, elliptic curves My research area is cryptography, so I do a lot of work in number theory, coding theory, and stuff related to that, specifically modular arithmetic, Galois fields, and elliptic curves.
Cthulhu.mythos (T C) Low-dimensional topology
Dan Gardner (T C)
Dave Rosoff (T C) algebraic topology, homotopy theory, triangulated categories, algebraic number theory, algebraic K-theory, history of mathematics I'm a Ph.D. student in mathematics. I mostly like to work on the topology and number theory articles. Please feel free to comment on my work in progress, at my user page.
David Dumas (T C) differential geometry, complex analysis
Decrypt3 (T C)
DigitalCharacter (T C)
Dominic (T C) Most things you care to mention, but especially anything involving complex numbers Currently reading Physics and Philosophy at undergraduate level at Oxford University
Dimension10 (T C)
Indefinitely blocked
Abstract algebra, Clifford algebra, Lie algebra, Tensor algebra, Vector calculus Some random person.
Don Ludwig (T C) Ordinary differential equations, Partial differential equations, Mathematical Biology I am a retired Professor of Mathematics and Zoology
E=mc² (T C) Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Number Theory, Cryptography, Coding Theory
EulerGamma (T C) Linear algebra, Abstract algebra, Integral Calculus, Differential Calculus, Real analysis, Complex analysis, Series, Statistics I am a fairly bright high school student, and most of my mathematical knowledge is due to Mathworld and Wikipedia.
Jake Parker (T C) history of mathematics, mathematical logic, algorithms, everything! I like math a bunch. The less applicable to real life the better.
Jaredwf (T C) computer science, numerical analysis, graph theory, algorithms
Jeremy Martin (T C) combinatorics, graph theory, algebraic geometry, discrete geometry, commutative algebra, topology assistant professor of mathematics at University of Kansas; I'm primarily a combinatorialist but am jack of a few other trades as well
John Reid (T C) geometry, graphic design I have no outstanding training in any mathematical area; I might be best considered a math buff rather than any kind of expert. I do have considerable ability in graphic design and an interest in clear illustration. Yes, I take requests.
jScott Trapp (T C) I'm a junior EE at the Cooper Union; this is an imaginary identity.
Kenny (T C) functional analysis, operator algebras, quantum groups second year PhD
Mark (T C) I am a freshman with strong interest in all maths related science and their mathematical models.
Ling Kah Jai (T C) I have contributed an interesting article called last stone game.
Madmath789   (T C) Potential theory, real analysis, complex analysis Have been involved with maths education in UK for about 30 years.
Markus Schmaus (T C) algebra, physics, differential geometry I'm currently working on my Diplomarbeit (theses) about rank 2 Nicholsalgebras.
Merge (T C) linear algebra, abstract algebra, real analysis, complex analysis, differential geometry, topology, functional analysis, set theory Independent student. Interested in the evolution of mathematics, specifically evolution of the means of presentation, dissemination and absorption of mathematical knowledge, and the development of methods for the teaching and learning of higher mathematics outside of academia.
Miai (T C) combinatorics, graph theory, tilings, cellular automata, theory of computation, algorithms I'm currently writing my B.Sc. thesis in graph theory. No contributions yet.
Michael Stone (T C) abstract algebra, group theory, representation theory
Molinogi (T C) Derivative and Integral Calculus, Quantum Geometery, and Statistics. I believe that all knowledge exists to be learnt. I am a freshman High School student intending to major in architectural engineering, and I would love to share and expand my mathematical expertise.
Planemo (T C) Algebra, Analysis, Analytical geometry, Combinatorics, Algorithms
Porcher (T C) foundations of mathematics, philosophical logic, philosophy of mathematics Philosophy undergrad with a mathematical inclination, interested in the cognitive science of mathematics.
Pyenos (T C) I'm not qualified but I want to learn about mathematics, so please allow me to exist.
Quadrivium (T C) Mathematics I'm a high school student who loves pretty much all things mathematical. I aspire to be a mathematician, but unforunately, my mathematical knowledge is limited at best. However, I am always willing to help and be helped.
Revolver (T C) number theory, general topology, category theory
Ray-Ray (T C) I love all math!
Randall Holmes (T C) set theory mathematical logic automated reasoning I am a professor of mathematics at Boise State University

(Boise, Idaho, USA). Ph. D. 1990, SUNY Binghamton. My specialties are Quine's set theory New Foundations (and alternative set theory in general) and automated reasoning.

Robert McGuigan (T C) functional analysis, convexity, number theory, algebra PhD University of Maryland, 1968, thesis topic geometry of Banach spaces, ABD in mathematical logic and algebra. Current interest is number theory.
Ryachris (T C) Numerical methods antennas electromagnetics PhD student in Electromagnetics, BSEE and MSEE, Math Applications Numerical Methods and real world problem applications.
Salsb (T C) New to editing. I'm a theoretical physicist, I have a BS in mathematics as well, and I still read mathematics articals and books sometimes. I've been doing small cleanup edits mostly thus far.
Sammy Boy (T C) Symplectic topology & contact topology; Floer homology and related; PDE; functional analysis; Hamiltonian dynamics Ph.D. at the Courant Institute, working in symplectic and contact topology, and relation to Hamiltonian systems.
Sciyoshi (T C) Undergraduate in mathematics, doing abstract algebra, complex analysis, topology, and computer science I can help with the not as hard stuff :-)
Silmarillion (T C) Pure Mathematics, Mathematical Logic, Number Theory, Cryptography, Coding Theory Student pursuing mathematics.
Steffeng (T C) Stochastic process, Mathematical Analysis I'm doing a Norwegian masters in Mathematical statistics directed towards Stochastic Processes.
Stephan (T C) Mathematics Am just a high school student that will have to look for a university next year!! My knowledge of Mathematics is minimum but I want to know more more more and more!! cause I like it
Saeed.Veradi (T C) I'm New & Interested
stochata (T C) I'm a lecturer, primarily researching urban modelling, with leanings towards (applied) graph theory and artificial intelligence techniques.
Whisky Brewer (T C) Statistics, Econometrics, Differential Equations, I have a BSc Degree in Economics from Bristol University, UK, an MSc in Economics with specialisation in Econometrics from Lund University, Sweden, and I am currently doing a second MSc in mathematics. My aim is to become a PhD in mathematical statistics. Writing on Wikipedia is my greatest relief from boredom.
Javanbakht (T C) Mathematical Logic, Mathematical Analysis, Number Theory, Statistics, Econometrics, Differential Equations, I can develop the articles in mathematics with my knowledge and enthusiasm.


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